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Advertising in the Chipdir

Advertising in the ChipDir

You have probably set up your own WWW-site and spend a lot of money and time on it and now you don't get the number of visitors you were hoping for. (Or you want more anyway...;-)

Setting up sites that really draw people and keep making them come back is an art in itself and the ChipDir has managed to do so. So by advertising in the ChipDir you can get a part of the about 100,000 monthly visitors to the ChipDir to click through to your own site.

The going rates for an ad-view (a guaranteed viewing of your ad by one visitor of the publishers site) is from $0.001 to $0.04 depending on how specialized the visitors are that the publisher can attrackt.
You'll get a full report about which ad's were shown where etc. I think.

You can also advertise directly in the ChipDir, in which case the statistics are less clear, but you'll be able to pick spots in the ChipDir that are likely to have your customer's eyeballs passing through.

The statistics of the ChipDir on the Xs4all site are at:
(Only the current month and a couple of previous ones are usually on-line).

We'll start with a free trial month on the Xs4all site, which has about a sixth of the world wide flow (conservative guess again). During this period all kinds of errors can still be corrected and an impression of the number of click-throughs can be gotten.

The number of click-throughs can't be guaranteed by a publisher of course, since the spot that the advertiser chooses, the quality of the ad and the appeal of the product are not under control of the publisher.
The number of resulting sales can be guaranteed even less, since this besides the earlier given factors also depends on the quality of the WWW site of the advertiser.
During the trial month we can see however quite quickly if your advertisements work. For the last advertiser that tried this it was already clear after five days that he had a click-through rate of 23% and the rate continued to be that high at least until 15 days later (the last time I looked).

Microconsultants who had a trial ad in the ChipDir for about a month, lured the fenominal number of 850 people to it's site in one month (is $0.06 per click-through). Another firm that sells compilers and used the same spot had difficulty however to even get 350 visitors (is about $0.14 per click-through).

With an average number of click-throughs of 600 for that spot (that should cost around $300 per month) you would pay $0.08 per click-through, which isn't much.

When you want to advertise in the ChipDir you need to do three things:

  1. Pick places in the ChipDir (or some rough ideaabout what you want) and/or determine a budget.(Somewhere between $200 and $2000 per month.)
  2. Send a GIF (preferably of 468 by 60 pixels),somewhere around 9 Kbyte and preferably notanimated in order not to annoy the ChipDir'smainly technical public.
  3. (Optional) Make a special page on your own site,to link the ad to so we can keep track of the numberof click-throughs. This special page can be aUnix-linked copy of your own main page for example.(Any Unix-skilled person can do this for you in 10seconds.) You can also use specialized statisticssoftware that can track where your visitors camefrom.

Please let me know if you have any questions left...

(To compare these prices to those of others: Advertisement opportunity providers normally count in CPM, which is cost per thousand ad-views.)

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