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Chip distributors in Sweden

(Used to be ScandComp?)
ACTE Sweden AB
Tritonvägen 25
17104 Solna
tel: +46-8-4452800
fax: +46-8-982619

Avnet Nortec AB
Box 1830
S-17127 Solna
tel: +46-8-629-1400
tel: +46-8-629-1414 - Sales
fax: +46-8-627-0280
Advanced Micro Devices,Fairchild,Harris Semiconductor,Hewlett Packard,IDT,Intel,Lattice Semiconductor,Micron Technology, Inc.,Motorola Semiconductor,National Semiconductor,Philips Semiconductors,Radisys,Rochester Electronics,SGS Thomson,Texas Instruments,Toshiba Semiconductor,Xicor,Xilinx

BK Elektronik AB
Grimstagatan 160
S-16211 Vällingby
tel: +46-8-889-0010
fax: +46-8-898-824

Now part of Avnet.
Derbyvägen 20
S-21235 Malmö
tel: +46-0-4059-2100 - wrong?
fax: +46-0-4059-2101 - wrong?
Sjöängsvagen 17
S-19272 Sollentuna
tel: +46-8-5947-0230 - correct?
fax: +46-8-5947-0231 - correct?

(Owned by Ericsson)
Ericsson Electronic Services
Box 719
194 27 Upplands Vasby, Sweden
tel: +46-8-757-5100 - Ordering
fax: +46-8-757-5101 - Ordering
Something from everybody.
EES is a subsidiary to Ericsson Components and was Gosta Backstroma couple of years ago.

Elektronikgränd 14
SE-175 80 Järfälla
tel +46-8-58094101 Switchboard International
fax +46-8-58094111 Fax International
tel 020-758000 Freephone order Sweden only
tel 020-758020 Freephone technical issues Sweden only
fax 020-758010 Freephone fax Sweden only Information Order Technical issues
ELFA delivers everything that you can think of:Components, computers, boxes, measuring instruments etc.
You can place your order on-line at stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe, Linkoping and Oslo, Norway.


Ericsson Component Distribution
Ericsson Component Distribution AB

Farnell Electronic Components
Äldermansv&aauml;gen 21
17148 Solna
tel: +46-8-730-5000
fax: +46-8-83-5262

Farnell electronic services
Ankdammsgatan 32, Box 1330
171 26 Solna, Sweden
tel: +46- 8-83-0020 - Switchboard
tel: +46- 8-83-5150 - Stockholm site
tel: +46-31-84-8010 - Gothenburg site
tel: +46-40-49-6580 - Malmo site
fax: +46- 8-27-1807 - Ordering
Farnell delivers everything that you can think of:Components, computers, boxes, measuring instruments etc.

GB Topcomp
Bought by Ericsson Component Distribution

GLSI Electronic
Bought by Jacob Hatteland Supply
Dist: Siemens

Hardware trading
Hardware trading HT AB
kanalvagen 14
19461 upplands vasby
tel: +46-8-5907-1305
fax: +46-8-5907-1306
We are trading in CPUs and memorys.

Now part of Avnet.
Gunnebogatan 30
P.O. Box 3009
S-163 03 Spaanga
tel: +46-8-445-7500
fax: +46-8-364-686

ISS Group
ISS Group
tel: +46-8-5061-8100
fax: +46-8-5061-8101

ITT Multikomponent AB
Ankdammsgatan 32
S-17126 Solna
tel: +46-8-830-020
fax: +46-8-271-303

Jacob Hatteland Supply
Jacob Hatteland Supply AB
Dist: Siemens

(Was called until 1993: Svensk Teleindustri AB, now called or part of ACTE?)
ScandComp Sweden AB
Domnarvsgaten 33
S 16308 Spanga
tel: +46-8-761-7300
fax: +46-8-760-4669
Dist: Linear Technology Corporation

Svensk Teleindustri
Now called: ScandComp

Toshiba Electronics Scandinavia AB
PO Box 15031
S-16115 Bromma
Tel: +46-8-704-0900
Fax: +46-8-808-459

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