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Manufacturers of fans

AAVID Thermal Technologies
Aavid Thermal Technologies
One Eagle Square
Suite 509
Concord, NH 03301
tel: +1-603-224-1117
fax: +1-603-224-6673
Provider of thermal management solutions for microprocessors andintegrated circuits (IC's) for digital and power applications.The company operates in two distinct business areas:thermal management solutions and computational fluid dynamics software.Thermal management solutions include products and services forproblems associated with the dissipation of unwanted heatin electronic and electrical components and systems.Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software involvesdeveloping software for computer modeling and flowanalysis of products and processes that wouldotherwise require time consuming and expensive physical models andthe facilities to test them.

Cambio International
Cambio International
P.O.Box 1641
Laconia, NH 03247-1641
tel: +1-603-524-3714
fax: +1-603-524-6602
Cambio International began in 1990 with the goal ofproviding high quality/low costsolutions to a variety of difficult challengesfaced by today's demanding engineers inthe field of electronics design.
The THERMSHIELD trademark specializes in thedelivery of a full complement ofthermal management solutions from CPU Coolers, fansand thermal interface padsand various attachment accessories. On theshielding side THERMSHIELD offershigh quality solutions for difficult EMI/RFIchallenges with products from BerylliumCopper strips and knit-mesh materials to the latestin metallized fabric technology.
Cambio has supplied THERMSHIELD thermal managementand EMI/RFI solutionsto the most well-known electronics manufacturersworldwide and would welcomethe opportunity to work with you in partnershipinto the 21st century. Please advisehow we may be of further assistance with regard tomore detailed technicalinformation, samples and pricing.

Comair Rotron


Crouzet Corporation

EBM Industries, Inc.
100 Hyde Road
Farmington, CT 06034
tel: +1-860-674-1515
fax: +1-860-674-8536
Brand names: EBM, Papst, MVL, Ziehl-Abegg


Indek Corporation

Jamicon Corporation
computer peripherals:
tel: +1-626-810-9885
electrical components:
927 South Azusa Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91748
tel: +1-626-810-9168 ext. 2201
fax: +1-626-810-9188

Knight Electronics
Also see Orion Fans.


NMB Technologies

Orion Fans
ORION fans and accessories are in use worldwide in all kinds ofapplications.ORION offers a wide range of fans and accessoriesmanufactured to exactingstandards. Our fans are designed to meet UL and CSArequirements and most carryTUV and VDE approvals as well.
Marketed exclusively in the U.S. by Knight Electronics (,ORION products are available Just-in-Time (JIT) for firmscheduled orders orfrom our network of authorized distributors.
ORION product is warranted against defects inworkmanship and materials for aperiod of one year. Life expectancy for ball bearingdesigns is up to 70,000 hours(L10) and up to 30,000 hours (L10) for sleeve bearingmodels. (MTBF information isavailable on request.)

See EBM. General Fans

Purdy Electronics
Purdy Electronics Corporation

Qualtek Electronics
Qualtek Electronics Corporation
7675 Jenther Drive
Mentor, OH 44060 USA
tel: +1-888-258-3468 (free for USA and Canada only)
tel: +1-440-951-3300
fax: +1-440-951-7252

(a division of JMC Products)
JMC Products
10315A Metropolitan
Austin, TX 78758
tel: +1-512-834-8866
fax: +1-512-834-8868
We manufacture DC fans ranging in size from 25mm to 120mmand voltages from 5 to 48V DC.We also have a family of folded fin heatsinksfor the Intel and AMD approved processor products.
We are an aggressive, privately owned companythat has grown significantly over the last 8 years.One reason for our success is our abilityto provide our customers excellent serviceand competitive price s.We are currently a major supplier to Dell Computerand have made significant inroadsat Compaq, HP and IBM.

Sanyo Denki
Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd. General Products

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Unitrack Industries

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