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Manufacturers of speakers

Minami Audio Equipment
Minami Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.
tel: +86-760-8409338
tel: +86-760-8409168
fax: +86-760-8409222
Manufacturerof various mylar speakers & loudspeakers,earphones & headphones, electretcondenser microphones.Our latest product is the hands-free tele earphone set.
In order to the achieve high quality and unparalleled performance we useonly the best components such as FET and Diaphragm. Since 1995 we have beendevelopers and manufacturers of high quality acoustic components.We arecertified by the Bureau Veritas Quality International, certification#ISO9002, and we are the first audio factory in the mainland to achievecertification by the National Accreditation of Certification Bodies.
Our facility is 7000 square meters and we have constructed a standardanechoic room which is equipped with Denmark 2012 B&K electroacousticinstruments. Our products are tested by our Quality Assurance Department toensure optimal performance. Orders are shipped immediately, and our CustomerSatisfaction Department will assist you with your current needs as well aswith your changing needs in the future.
Minami Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. communicates regularly with customers allover the globe who assist us in developing new ideas for our products. Weare constantly striving to improve on the latest technological advances, andthat in turn will improve the way you work and play!

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