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Integrated Development Environment

Date:         19960725
From:         Toby Trudel <>
Organization: Services & Technology Group, Inc.
Subject:      Inspector C

I'm sending this via your Web site - Here's some info your people may be interested in:

Engineering Services & Technology, an affiliate of the Services and Technology Group, Inc., of Amherst, New Hampshire, is announcing the release of its newest product -- INSPECTOR C++.

INSPECTOR C++ is a tool that provides all the operations a professional C++ programmer requires including:

When source checking, INSPECTOR C++ reads the source files of your C/C++ programs and generates reports about possible problems. Since it can look at all the files in your program, it is able to report far more than any C/C++ compiler. Use INSPECTOR C++ while developing your programs, and you'll be assured of type safe linkage, efficient code and excellent portability.

INSPECTOR C++ understands all the industry standard extensions to the ANSI standard for all the supported compilers such as; near, far, huge, cdecl, pascal, asm. It understands and supports the Borland pseudo registers and segment types, and the Microsoft special segment control extensions.

INSPECTOR C++ can be purchased directly over the Web using our SECURE ORDER FORM on a Netscape Commerce Server. Go to From this page you can also download the User's Guide as well as a Demonstration Version.

Thank you,

Toby Trudel
Director of Operations
Services & Technology Group, Inc.
We cover the entire SPECTRUM!


Date:    19990715
From:    MKS <>
Subject: Attention SCM Users - New product releases now available

Manage your software development initiatives with new product releases from MKS!

MKS Source Integrity 7.4 - Powerful software configuration management(SCM)
MKS Source Integrity Select 3.2 - SCM plus Web-based access
MKS Source Integrity Professional Edition 3.2 - Complete SCM, including defect and enhancement request tracking and collaborative Web-based task management.

Special introductory pricing available until July 15, 1999
Call 1-800-613-7535 for details.

MKS provides software configuration management (SCM) solutions to help organizations worldwide manage the software development process. Leading companies such as Cognos, Bell Atlantic Mobile, NCR, J.B. Hunt Transport and CASE trust their source code management to MKS.

New MKS Source Integrity 7.4 visit

MKS Source Integrity is an award-winning SCM solution for your software development and release management initiatives. Give your team the power to manage parallel development and multiple projects, secure software assets and enhance communication and productivity.

New MKS Source Integrity Select Edition 3.2 visit

MKS Source Integrity Select Edition includes all features of MKS Source Integrity plus a Web Interfaceallowing geographically distributed team members to access SCM functionality and contribute to the software development process.

New MKS Source Integrity Professional Edition 3.2 visit

MKS Source Integrity Professional Edition is the complete SCM solution that includes all the features of Source Integrity Select Edition plus access to defect and enhancement request tracking and collaborative Web-based task management. Reduce administrative overhead, improve team communication and help your teams meet deadlines with Source Integrity Professional Edition.

For more information call 1-800-613-7535 or visit Hurry, introductory specials expire July 15, 1999.

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