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Mac Electrical
1029 underwood south
Marion, OH 43302
tel: +1-614-387-9617 (John D McFarland)

Macraigor Sys
tel: +1-617-739-8693 - Craig Haller
tel: +1-800-451-6644 - ?
tel: +31-40-2721102 (Outside US)
P51XA-ICE SD Philips XA8051 Emulators (including Debuggers)
Mcgtool Philips XA8051 Cross Assemblers
Mcgtool Philips XA8051 Simulators
Mcgtool Philips XA8051 Translators (80C51-to-XA)
P51XA-DEMO SD Philips XA8051 Development Boards
P51XA-ICE SD EPROM Programmers
The Macraigor Systems software (cross assembler, simulator, translator)is available on the Philips Microcontroller Bulletin Board System.

Mandeno Granville Electronics Ltd.
128 Grange Rd
Auckland 3 NZ
fax: +64-9-6301-720
Independent 80x51 Tools Specialists
Compilers: C, Pascal and Modula-2Mod51 Libraries : ISO m2, Multii2c, KeyPad, Analog, LCD, FPMathsSimulators, Emulators, Programmers - teaching systems & OEM cards
89c2051, 89c1051 Emulator/Chip reprogrammers
Manufacturers of Design Tools for uC and PLD
Optimising Modula-2 Structured Text compilers for ALL 80X51 variants
Reusable object modules, for i2c, SPI and SPL bus interfaces
Safe, Readable & Fast code - Step up from Assembler and C
Emulators / Programmers for ATMEL 89C1051, 2051, 89C51 89S8252 89C55
*NEW* Bondout ICE for 89C51/89C52/89C55
For more info, Email : Subject : c51Tools

McCabe & Associates
5501 Twin Knolls Road, ste 111
Columbia, MD 21045
tel: +1-800-638-6316
tel: +1-800-634-0150 Support
tel: +44-1494-463233 UK Office
fax: +1-410-995-1528
fax: +1-410-720-0192 Support
Develops tools for software testing, metrics and reverse engineering.

MCT Paul & Scherer Mikrocomputertechnik GmbH
Wattstraße 10
13355 Berlin
tel: +49-30-46499320
fax: +49-30-4638507
Single Board Computer, C-Compiler, Tools for Programing (Flash, HC11, PIC) and more.

Founded in 1979. Bought by ARC some time before 20030314.

3486 Investment Boulevard
Hayward, CA 94545
tel: +1-510-264-0887
tel: +1-800-432-3424
fax: +1+510-264-0886
MetricTest is a leading source for buying, renting and leasing new andrefurbished electronic test equipment. We carry spectrum and networkanalyzers, signal generators, multimeters, oscilloscopes and more.MetricTest is an authorized distributor of Agilent, Tektronix, Fluke,Advantest, Rohde & Schwarz, NetTest, TTC and other leading brands.

Compilers for the 80x86's and also for RISC processors that NT has been ported to,like the Alpha, MIPS and PowerPC.

Microtek International, Inc.
Development Systems Division
3300 N.W. 211th Terrace
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124-7136
tel: +1-503-645-7333
tel: +1-800-886-7333
fax: +1-503-629-8460 - Byron Lunz, Program Manager Intel Products Development Systems
Asia and Europe:
Adara International Inc.
9F, No.2, Sec3, Min Sheng E. Rd.
Taipei, 10548
Taiwan, R.O.C.
tel: +886-2-501-6699
fax: +886-2-505-0137
mailing list: 386ex
In-Circuit Emulator for the 386EX, starting at $4,995 and ..
Emulators and BDM debuggers for 386/sx/cx/ex i486, 680x0, 683xx, 68hc16 and 80196

Microware Systems
Microware Systems Corporation
1900 NW 114th St
Des Moines, IA 50325-7077
tel: +1-800-475-9000 US
tel: +1-408-451-3999 Western US/Canada
tel: +1-515-224-1929 other
fax: +1-515-224-1352 fax
tel: +44-703-601-990 UK
tel: +FR-42-58-63-00 France

Multiprocessor Toolsmiths Inc.
200-302 Legget Drive
Kanata, ON K2K 1Y5
tel: +800-263-4377
tel: +613-599-6565
fax: +613-599-6574
Unison Unix (or POSIX.1b), pSOS+/m and VxWorks compatible OS,for the AMD 29000-series and othersas part of the Unison Development Environment

BOX 850
Merrimack, NH 03054
tel: +1-508-792-9507
386ex boards

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Click on the first letter of the embedding tool maker you're looking for:
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