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Inter chip broker market providers

The companies and other organizations on this page provide a means for chip brokers to find other brokers to buy their chips from or sell them to.

Usually these services provide a database that is accessible via the WWW and in which chip brokers can search or put their offers. Often these companies also offer handling email with offers and providing information via email.

Some of them charge both the suppliers and the demanders, others only one of them, some even none of them. With some you can already see the offers (without the company data) without paying and most offer a free trial period.

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local brokers
local scarce chip markets for OEM's

Chip search engines and mailing services

netCOMPONENTS Global Electronic Components Database netCOMPONENTS
(Part Search Demo)
(200208: started)
Asian Parts helps buyers of electronic components toquickly find sources in Asia online. Sources are listedin over 800 categories and can be fine tuned by region or country, and filtered for manufacturers, distributors,traders and brokers.
We invite you to join as an industry member at no cost.
Companies with an office in Asia, Australia or New Zealand can also list their business and products for no cost.
If you wish to search for parts or upload your inventory for no cost then Asian Parts Inventory Search is for you.

Broker Forum
tel: +1-514-677-8877
fax: +1-514-677-9088
Buying only: $375 per quarter or $1200 per year.
Buying and selling: $585 per quarter or $1860 per year.
One month free trial.
The worlds largest trading centerfor electronic component distributors and brokers.
Statistics: Key Features for buyers: Key Features for sellers: Other features:
Call Home
They also cater to OEM's so see Call Home.

Central Resources

Chip Asia

Chipdir's mailing lists for brokers
Chipdir Publishing
The Chipdir (the site you're looking at)maintains four free mailing lists for brokersto exchange data about what chips they have on offer and are looking for.
Archive For posting inventories from time to time
Archive For sending and receiving chip offers
Archive For sending and receiving chip requests
Archive For talking about chip broker issues

Chipfinder seems to have gone
It's a database. It has an email service and costs $49 a month.

Has stopped. The WWW site is now used by a technical personel in-placement firm.

Costs: New changes:

Compo Mall is a marketplace providing information on the purchase/sales of electronic parts.It is registered about 4,000 members and has 4,500,000 information of inventory.We provide it in 5 languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, Tawanese and Korea.One of the biggest features of Compomall site is that both sellersand buyers can register their information with no charge.Also, you can secure new business opportunities at a low price.It will be a new market for electronic components purchase/sales businessand will grow into the greatest and finest marketplace in the world.It can use all fuction with no charge for a month that membersthat will register from Feb. 1st, 2002 to Feb. 28, 2002.

De'Parts is an Internet-based information services centerthat provides an inventory database to potential buyers and suppliers of industrial products.

ecAUCTIONet Pte. Ltd.
66 Tannery Lane
#04-04 Sindo Building
Singapore, 347805
tel: +65-742-4966 - Singapore office
fax: +65-741-3943 - Singapore office
Millions of dollars worth of OEM stock, from majorsubcontract assemblers, available for your anonymous bidding, and no fees!
Offers buyers the flexibility to bid only on the parts theywant, and to bid using the method they prefer. Members are given an emailnotification of new stock lots as they are posted on the site, and areemailed/faxed the stock lot lists, so they may bid off-line if they wish.Search stock lots by part number, or manufacturer. Bid individual parts orthe whole list, it's your choice.Our large and diversified membership of passive and active component buyersincreases the total number of line items bid, producing higher overallbids.'s advanced database consolidates the highest bidsfrom it's buying members and submits these bids to the OEM seller.More bids and higher bids gives's members a better chanceof successful bidding, on the parts that they want.
Join now and tell your business associates about the advantage bidders haveon
SELLERS:Post your excess inventory Stock Lot Sales on, and startgetting a higher overall return on your excess inventory.
Our broad base of buyers means more line item bid and higher morecompetitive bids. advertises your excess Stock Lots andexcess inventory to thousands of interested buyer around the world,increasing the number of bids received resulting in higher overall pricesfor you.
Your identity is kept strictly confidential, and will actas your single point contact for all payments, inspections, and shipping/logistical support.
Membership is free and so are the many services available on-line now,

E-Chips Online
Due to E-Chips Online's huge database of both independent and franchisedistributors we have access to all your hard to find requirements both activeand passive.
We are here to make you money, not take your money!
The information that you enter on our site is 100% secureand is never seen by E-Chips administrationor any other members using this site.
Take a free 15 day trial at out the "membership request".
Search both franchise and non franchise parts.
Set up your "Alert" parts so that when constantly updated inventory matchesyour hard to find requirements you will be notified instantly,no matter where you are on the site.
Take a "virtual tour" for many other unique features.
Send in your inventory for FREE!

eInventory Online was developed by Jesse Davis, president of Gemini Electronics,and several partners to become a truly broker/independent siteand was developed using the latest software technology (.Net, Web Services).

325 N Warner Ave
Mahtomedi, Minnesota 55115
tel: +1-651-429-2241
fax: +1-651-426-9067
This web site is brought to you by the publisher of BuyerBase - The LineCard Directory.BuyerBase is published three times annuallyand circulated free of charge to about 40,000 electronic buyers and engineers.It contains distributor and sales rep linecards indexed by manufacturer.All of the listings in BuyerBase can be found on this site.

FastParts is a leading business-to-business e-commerce net marketplace for theElectronics manufacturing industry. We facilitate the global trading of electronicinventory over the Internet with our ComponentConnectTM and EquipmentConnectTMtrading exchanges, SOLD!AuctionTM and Century Catalog services. Membership assuresparticipants they are dealing with pre-qualified trading partners. offers anoptimal return on assets, anonymous trading, and a neutral site, i.e., we take no positionin the transaction. Buyers and sellers mutually agree on price directly online. Buyers andsellers comprise original equipment manufacturers, contract electronic manufacturers,component manufacturers and distributors. You can be both a buyer and a seller No fees are charged for membership, searches, or for posting Buy or Selllots. Upon completion of the transaction, a minimal fee is charged to the seller.

FASTXchange, Inc. New page Old page, now with historical data...
Originally a project of the Universityof Southern California's Information Sciences Institute,under the sponsorship of the Advanced Research Projects Agency.

IC* Components
Hongkong New Asia-Pacific International Co Ltd
Shenzhen Neopac Industry Co., Ltd.
tel: +86-755-3906136 (10 Lines)
fax: +86-755-3912223 I can't reach any of them on 20010403
Our huge database is becoming more and morewelcome in ten thousands of global customers.
Your stock database are very welcome and wewill update it in our database soon.But if you edityour database in our format ,we may updateit in several second.You may find our format if you visit our web:
Our company is a trader-helping one, if you havesome trouble or problem in handling your bussinesswith chinese-customer you may ask us to give yousome help such as payment and delivery,etc.And we will become a pure information supplierand helper but not a trader sooner.
Please don't hesitate to contact with us if you haveany questions.

29b, Keong Saik Rd,
Singapore 089749
tel: 65-2216266
fax: 65-2216267 General
The central exchange for buyers and sellersof ICs and other electronic components.It's neutral and open to all members of electronic industry community.

IC Mart
IC* mart Co.
RM#801, J-Dong Guro-Yutong Sangga #636-62 Gurodong, Gurogu Seoul
tel: +82-2-636-7289
tel: +82-2-636-0833
fax: +82-2-631-1420 general English version
IC* Mart was established for buyers and sellers in the worldon all kinds of ICs, CPU, Memory, etc.That is, a worldwide free open-market place for electronic manufacturers,IC* suppliers and IC* dealers to buy and sellexcess, obsolete and running electronic components.
We have lots of inquiry and hot offers on our site.We are sure that this website must be so useful and helpfulfor you and your company.You can buy our surplus stocks, and directly, buy lots of stocks advertisedby many companies and you also can sell your stocks on our inquiry in our BBS.
Free registration on our site offers you of the following great benefits:
  1. Post your offers(to buy & sell) for Electronic Components(all kinds of ICs).
  2. Great Chances to commerce directly between buyers and sellers.
  3. Please quote your prices on our inquiries if you have the parts.

Registration Free
Post offers and requests on site Free after registration
Also for non-brokers? Yes

IC Source
IC Source, Inc.
P.O. Box 5166
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
tel: +1-518-583-9207
fax: +1-518-583-9283

Infinity IC*
Infinity Integrated Circuits
PMB# 246, Suite C-4
20229 N. 67th Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85308-6665
tel: +1-623-594-1706
fax: +1-443-947-2442
general inquiries
site support

Infinity IC* is dedicated exclusively to Brokers and Distributors in the Electronics Industry. Join us and be a part of the future today with trading the way it's suppose to be, the bottom line and cost effective!
Take us up on our FREE One-Month Trial Offer and see for yourself just what you have been missing while paying high priced membership fees to those "Forum Sources" then see how we manage inventory line items from a worldwide network of brokers and distributors, uploaded and posted in minutes, not hours, will do for your business.
Infinity IC* focused on watching other "member services" grow and then boast about it. So, while they took your money we took the time to contact OEM's and Distributors for their input then incorporated the knowledge of their demands. We then initiated a plan utilizing their insights into a large database of electronic components that will generate new business opportunities for you everyday.
The future is here today at a price meant to be affordable to any budget and without any options or packages to choose from. One package, One Low Price, Guaranteed!
Find and Buy Parts Instantly
From passives and active components to integrated chips and memory components, semiconductors, capacitors, diodes, transistors and more.
Ecoservice GmbH
Hinter den Höfen 8
D-30900 Wedemark
tel: +49-5130-373744
fax: +49-5130-373746 General Search engine
The Components Exchange,, offers manufacturers theopportunity to put electronic products from surplus production and leftovers to economic use by selling them off. Components Exchange is availableexclusively to companies and does not serve final users.

Memory Network, the
(Owned by MediaGrif and the Broker Forum?)

Now called PowerSource.

They trade in chips, have a search engine, but I'm not sure yet that it's aninterbroker service provider.

31368 Via Colinas, Suite 110
Westlake Village, CA 91362
tel: +1-818-597-5757
fax: +1-818-597-5767 General About Corporate news
A provider of e-procurement solutions for the electronic components industry,provides an online marketplace for buyers, suppliers and engineers.
The company's e-commerce solution features a super catalog,which enables buyers to upload BOM's and check component availabilityamong the current inventories from dozens of leading franchised distributorswho are participating in this service.
It's part research center, powered by i2 Technologies' VIP database,gives registered users free access to the world's most comprehensive databaseof technical information for electronic components.
In addition, Need2Buy now provides each user with a personalized "My Home" pagefor managing their approved vendor lists, tracking their buying and selling activitiesand monitoring the ongoing availability of key components.

netCOMPONENTS Global Electronic Components Database netCOMPONENTS
(Part Search Demo)

Also caters to OEM's so see netCOMPONENTS.

Now! Components
Part of USBid now.

OEM Exchange
(Owned by OpenBook International, Ltd.)
OEM Exchange
tel: +44-1462-713191
fax: +44-1462-712868
OEM Exchange is an independent service designed with the goal of providinga cost effective medium for the purchase and sale of electronic componentsbetween registered members.OEM Exchange is a subscription service available to bonafide OEMs,contract manufacturers, distributors and component manufacturers.It is a business to business forum only and not open to the general public.To experience the bidding process, we encourage you to take our tour.Learn more about us or the features of this site.Non-members can also find out about our membership agreement and fees.

PartCenter the global trading center, designed exclusively forcompanies/individuals who buy and sell electronic components.


If you are only a buyer, OEM, broker or your stock list contains LESS than 50 line items, this site is completely FREE for you. You can use all features available in this system EXCEPT Faxing feature and you are only allowed to upload LESS than 50 line items.

If your stock list contains MORE than 50 line items you would only need to pay an unbelievable price of $95.00 annually to use all the features available in this service including Faxing feature and uploading MORE than 50 line items.

But for now you don't need to pay anything!!!... invites you to register and upload your inventory for one month FREE!!!

See Partminer.

PowerSource On-Line
9477 Waples Street
San Diego, CA 92121
tel: 888-522-2603
tel: 610-282-44250 - International
tel: 619-558-1227 - Tech Support
fax: 908-689-9422
fax: 888-759-3856 - Corporate
Costs: Features
Reliable IC*
Reliable IC*
7527 Roswell Road
Box 568163
Atlanta, GA 31156
tel: +1-770-698-9741
fax: +1-770-698-8098
tel: +1-866-673-5422 - free from within the USA
Costs around $99 per month.

tel: +1-877-736-4320
A website specializing in bringing OEM's and distributors togetherto help sell OEM excess in the spot market.

Sewoon Plaza
tel: +82-2-6332-5252 - Chris Ryu
mobile: +82-11-323-1688 - Chris Ryu English
SEWOON PLAZA is one of the best I.C. & Parts mall in Korea.Now we invite our valuable customers to enjoy Free Data SearchingService in all over the world.
Just register your name at this
You can also register your stock or offers in Excel file(ITEM / PART# / QUANTITY / BRAND / DATE CODE) and mail to us.

(Founded 199909)
648 Central Park Ave. #222
Scarsdale NY 10583
tel: 914-771-7300
fax: 914-771-7287 General About News
Dynamic new web site designed to assist buyers and sellers of electronic components.

The World Semiconductor Stock Exchange jump page to this

See USBid.

Virtual Chip Exchange
See Virtual Chip Exchange. (This company organizes a WWW market for OEM's, so it's a broker and not and interbroker service.)

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What do chip brokers expect from a chip broking engine?

See also

The page with other services for brokers. - Electronic Buyers News

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