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Salvage chips from old boards


This is the first stage in a recycling process:
Refurbish the chips putting the pins straight and retin them and test them refurbisher local
Store the salvaged chips In a large warehouse stocking broker local
Bring offering and searching broker together using online database inter broker service local
Resell them to their clients non stocking broker local
Name more precisely done by see
Salvage the chips from old boards pull or desolder the chips salvager this page

Of course a lot of companies do several of these things at once.

Companies that salvage chips

API Computer and Electronics Recycling
Focal Ind Ctr, 21 Man Lok St
Hung Hom, Kowloon
tel: +852-2333-7729
fax: +852-2333-7817 General About
Computer and electronic recycling, reuse and remarketing.Used integrated components, asset recovery.


IMEDATH Computer Recycling
Benizelou 26
Serres , 62121, Serres, Greece
tel: +3032158467
tel: +3032158042
fax: +3032158467
fax: +3032158042 General
Computer recycling, used and new computer parts,used and new CPU, used and new IC*, used and new EPROM*, etc etc

Northeast Surplus and Materials
Northeast Surplus and Materials, LLC
Syracuse, NY 13204
tel: +1-315-677-5246
Jim Moltion <>
Patented processor to remove chips and other hardware from circuit boards without stress and damage.Our processor can handle up to 800 boards a day, any size. We reclaim 98% of all parts.We are looking for chip brokers and distributors of all chips previously not availabledue to the heavy labor cost to retrieve these parts.Contract asset recovery of valuable chips available. Inquiries welcome.

Chip brokers outside of the USA:
local Africa
local Asia
local Australia
local Canada
local Europe (including the whole of Russia)

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