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Eastern Ventures Ltd
Zelenograd, Moscow
tel: +7-95-5316426
tel: +7-95-5311979
fax: +7-95-5316426
Eastern Ventures Ltd. is a Russian manufacturer of semiconductor devices.Small Signal Transistors,High/Low Power Three Lead Voltage Regulator ICs,High quality/Low prices
Make and distribute chips, International manufacturingof finished product (Russian chips, Slovakia/S-EAsia assembling,world wide trading)

(Used to be part of Sylvania.Owned by Philips, also called Philips ECG.20010119 bought by NTE.) New owner Has cross reference database for parts from others
Since about 1966 Philips ECG has led the industryin supplying universal replacementsemiconductors and relays to commercial, industrial OEM/MRO, computer,entertainment and communications businesses.With ISO-9001 registration, ECGoffers the broadest line of replacement devices.All components meet or exceed OEMspecifications. Our master replacement semiconductor guide cross references over300,000 industry part numbers. Our relay guide crosses more than 64,000 industrynumbers covering of 271 different brands. Available worldwide, the ECG product linealso includes environmentally friendly chemicals, digital multimeters, surge protectors,flyback transformers, flameproof resistors, antenna rotators and rechargeablebatteries.

Remarks from users:

(Founded in 1988 by A.C. "Mike" Markkula, an original principal in Apple Computer.)
4015 Miranda Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94304
tel: +1-800-258-4566
tel: +1-415-855-7400
fax: +1-415-856-6153 General Data sheets
Began as a private research effort, funded in late 1986 by A.C. Markkula, Jr.(co-founder, director and largest shareholder of Apple Computer Inc.).In early 1990, sold technology licenses to Motorola and Toshibato manufacture and sell the company's semiconductor products.Is privately held, its investors including Apple Computer Inc., 3ComCorporation, private individuals and a variety of investment firms.

3545 Cadillac Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
tel: +1-714-433-1200
fax: +1-714-433-1234

E-CMOS Corp.

(Established 198001)
ECS, Inc. International
1105 S. Ridgeview
Olathe, Kansas 66062
tel: +1-913-782-7787
tel: +1-800-237-1041
fax: +1-913-782-6991
They specialize on making crystals, resonators and filters etc.

Edge Technology Inc.
40 Salem Street
Lynnfield, MA 01940
tel: +1-781-246-3800
tel: +1-781-246-0000 - Technical questions
fax: +1-781-246-3888 20020414: gone?

See White Electronic Designs
old information:
'Commited to Memory'
High Performance Memory Modules, SRAM, SRAM modules, FLASH and Custom Memory Solutions,Military SRAM, FLASH, DRAM and EE Memories

Efar Microsystems
Chip sets

EG&G Reticon
(Bought by PerkinElmer and renamed PerkinElmer Optoelectronics.) general the former mother company

EGG Vactec
10900 Page Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63132 USA
tel: +1-314-423-4900
fax: +1-314-423-3956

See eInfochips.
They help companies design ASIC's.

E-Lab Digital Engineering, Inc.
tel: +1-816-257-9954
fax: +1-816-257-9945 General

EDE300 Parallel/Serial Transceiver IC Makes interfacing to the PC serial port easy. Control circuitry via PC, or send data back to a PC/Stamp/Micro.
EDE700 Serial to LCD Interface IC This 18 pin IC receives serial data (2400/9600 Baud) and controls most any sized text LCD screen. Single-chip design is ideal for OEM's and embedded applications.
EDE707 Octal 7-Segment LED Decoder This 28 pin IC controls up to eight 7-segment LED displays. Features a full HEX character set (0123456789AbCdEF), leading zero blanking, counter functionality, and a four-bit data interface. Works with either common anode or common cathode displays. $4.50 quantity 1K. DIP or SOIC package.
EDE1144 4x4 Keypad Encoder IC This 18 pin IC monitors up to a 16 key keypad and returns data in both serial and parallel formats. Features include contact debouncing, auto-repeat when held, keybeep, and low-EMI keypress detection. Ideal for OEM microcontroller-based circuitry using either membrane or mechanical keypads. $3.25 quantity 1K. DIP or SOIC package.
EDE1200 Unipolar (5 or 6 wire) Stepper Motor Controller IC Provides external and self clocking, half stepping, free-spin, etc.
EDE1400 Serial to LCD Interface IC This 18 pin IC receives 2400 Baud serial data and prints it on a standard parallel-type (Centronics) printer. Great for providing hard-copy outputs without PC intervention, in apps such as remote data logging. Ideal for Stamps and microcontrollers.
(These chips are programmed PIC's)

"And, if I may say so, you have some excellent products that are inquite a few of my projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers, at theApplied River Engineering Center in St. Louis, MO."
J.D. Jevne
Control Concepts Eng.
We also design custom digital interface IC's (keypad controller, etc).We can design and produce an IC to meet your needs quickly and economically.

Also known as EMC
ELAN Microelectronics Corporation
No. 12 Innovation Road I, Science-Based Industrial Park
Hsinchu City
Taiwan R.O.C.
tel: +886-3-5639977
fax: +886-3-5639966 English Chinees
Elan Microelectronics Corporation (ELAN) was established in May 1994 in Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park - the Silicon Valley of Taiwan with initial capital of NT$1 billion and accumulated capital of NT$2.95 billion. The company was listed in Taiwan's Stock Exchange in April 4, 2000. Corporate shares are transfered out from OTC and listed in the mainboard on September 17,2001. ELAN's major business covers research, development and marketing of integrated circuits (IC).
It's R&D is committed in developing high-tech economical products that can help in improving the livelihood and welfare of the general consumers.
Elan technology excels in the design of IC and in the development of software for embedded memory, analog IP, and wireless communication (DSP, Bluetooth). Available products includes consumer IC's, microcontrollers, PC peripherals, and much more. About fifty new products are released each year. Behind Elan technical strength is its dedicated R&D team. Through their expertise, Elan has been granted with the highest number of patents among its peers in the industry.
Elan is an IC design house that places a great emphasis on technology. It delegates the masking, foundry, packaging, and testing processes of its developed IC products to a number of vendors who offers such services. Each vendor is carefully selected to ensure that they are qualified in the sought services and are expertise in field of their particular service line.

Elan Advanced Semiconductor
This was probably the same as the previous entry. Has gone

Elantec Semiconductor, Inc.
675 Trade Zone Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035
tel: +1-408-945-1323
tel: +1-888-352-6832 - Toll free
fax: +1-408-945-9305 General Data sheets

Analog and Mixed Signal IC's for:

Amplifier,Buffer,H_sync Genlock,Half bridge driver,IGBT Driver,Instrumentation,Mosfet driver,Multiplier,Power Control,Video,

Electromagnetic Technologies
Electromagnetic Technologies
871 Mountain Avenue
Springfield, NJ 07081
tel: +1-973-379-1719
fax: +1-973-379-1651

Electronic Designs
See White

Electronic Technology
Electronic Technology Corporation
402 Campus Drive
Huxley, IA 50124
tel: +1-515-597-7000
fax: +1-515-597-7001
Specializing in mixed signal integrated circuits

ELEKON Ind. specializes in providing Custom and Standard Optoelectronic Solutions for customers worldwide. Our half century of accumulated design experience, combined with our low cost manufacturing sites in Asia, allow us to offer Defect Free Products at very competitive prices.

Element 14
Element 14, Inc.
The Quorum, Barnwell Road
Cambridge CB5 8RE
tel: +44-1223-725000
tel: +44-1179-062700
Element 14 designs and sells high performance, low powercommunications ICs for high density broadband access systems.
The company's whole product comprises silicon, software, toolsand development systems enabling its products to be integratedinto next generation communications equipment and resolving thepower and physical density constraints on the pace oflarge-scale commercial deployments of these systems.
Element 14's team includes some of the most talented andaccomplished silicon designers, architects and software developmentexperts from the semiconductor industry.
Founded in 1999, Element 14 is a pre-IPO technology company,backed by several high profile investors. It's engineering is basedin Cambridge and Bristol, UK, and Mechelen in Belgium.

Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology
It made the Eagle chipset...

ELLSRA Microelectronics
Do they only make memory modules or also chips?

ELM Electronics
They sell preprogrammed PIC's for specific functions, like E-Lab.

(Owned 50% by NEC and 50% by Hitachi as of May 2001.)
Elpida Memory, Inc.
Sumitomo Seimei Yaesu Bldg. 3F
2-1 Yaesu 2-chome, Chuo-ku
tel: +81-3-3281-1500
fax: +81-3-3281-1571
North America:
Elpida Memory (USA) Inc.
2001 Walsh Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050
tel: +1-408-970-6600
fax: +1-408-970-6999 English Japanese English Japanese

This is a foundry: Click on the word Elume.

ELAN Microelectronics Corporation, see ELAN.

EM Microelectronic-Marin
(Established in 1970. Owned by the Swatch Group, which makes watches.)
EM Microelectronic-Marin SA
Sors 3
CH-2074 Marin
tel: +CH-38-355-111
fax: +CH-38-355-403

Enhanced Memory Systems
Super Fast EDRAM

E-MU Systems Inc.
Scotts Valley, CA
tel: +1-408-438-1921

Emulex Micro Devices
3545 Harbor Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92626, USA
tel: +1-714-662-5600
fax: +1-714-668-6815
MAC200 Merged Architecture Controller

Enable Semiconductor, Inc.
1381 McCarthy Boulevard
Milpitas, CA 95035
tel: +1-408-955-9888
fax: +1-408-955-9886 gone since 200001? Alternative name, gone too?
Enable Semiconductor, Inc., is a fabless semiconductor companywhich designs and markets leading-edge digitaland mixed-signal CMOS integrated circuits.The company applies proprietary technologiesto offer world class integrated silicon solutionsfor the high speed and portable computing and communications markets.Leveraging their mixed-signal expertise,Enable set the low power/low voltage standardwith the first in a series of ultra low power, high speed integrated memory deviceswhich boasts the industry's lowest operating voltage and lowest standby power.The company's engineering and management teampossess some of the strongest credentials in the industryfor LAN, Memory, and Microprocessor design.

Enhanced Memory Systems
(Owned by Ramtron)
Enhanced Memory Systems Inc.
Ramtron International Corporation
1850 Ramtron Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
tel: +1-719-481-7000
tel: +1-800-545-FRAM
fax: +1-719-488-9095 General Parent company
Ferroelectric Nonvolatile SRAM, Super-Fast EDRAM

Ensoniq Corporation 20020414: gone?

(Incorporated in 199710. Funded by AMCC)
131 Theory, Suite 150
Irvine, CA 92612
tel: +1-949-823-3600
fax: +1-949-752-1462 general sales marketing general 20020414: gone? about 20020414: gone? products 20020414: gone?

Our engineering team has launched over 100 successfulintegrated circuits, software, and systems products in theData/Telecom, Mass Storage, Fiber Channel, and IPFirewall Router arenas.

EPIC Logic
(This company seems to have gone. See also next entry)
EPIC Logic Inc.
1798 Technology Drive
San Jose, CA 95110 (or 95119)
tel: +1-408-453-4719
fax: +1-408-453-3933 (doesn't pick up within 6 rings on 20010726 around 11:00 in the USA)
High speed, low skew, low voltage bus logic ICs.
2.7V to 3.6V FCT 16-bit & 8 bit buffers, transceivers,latches and registers with max. prop. delay as low as 3.2ns.

EPIC Semiconductor
(See also previous entry)
Epic Semiconductor, Inc.
4703 S. Lakeshore Dr., Ste. 2
Tempe, AZ 85282
Tel: +1-480-730-1000
Fax: +1-480-838-4740 20020414: gone?

Epitex Incorporation
4 Nishiaketa-cho, Higashi-kujyo, Minami-ku
Kyoto, 601-8045
tel: +81-75-682-2338
fax: +81-75-682-2267
Makes silicon discrete chips and arrays of photodiodes and transistorsthat are intended to be used for detectors which detect optically theiroriginally developed high-speed and high-power infrared LEDs.
They cover a wide range of wavelenght such as660, 680, 700, 735, 750, 760, 780, 810, 830, 850, 870, 880 nmof double heterostructure(DH) that is needed in a lasing operationat high-speed and high-power.
These product ranges are supplied in a various kind of housingsuch as plastic molding, hermeticaly sealing, surface mounting typesand assembled devices on PCB substrates.
Epitex also can cover near-infrared LEDs and photodiodesranging from 1050 to 1900 nm, respectively.
(Owned by Seiko)
Epson (UK) Ltd.
Campus 100, Maylands Ave.
GB Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 7EZ
tel: +44-442-611-44
fax: +44-442-227-227
tel: +1-213-534-4234 Japanese English
Crystal,IC Memory Card,LCD,LCD driver IC,Oscillator,RTC

Ericsson Components AB
(200108: Ericsson is planning to sell it's microelectronics department for 1 to 2 biliion dollar. Source: The British business newspaper Financial Times.)
Ericsson Components AB
Isafjordsgatan 16
S 16481 Kista-Stockholm, Sweden
tel: +46-8757-5000
fax: +46-8757-4421
Ericsson Components
701 North Glenville Drive
75081 Richardson, TX 75081, USA
tel: +1-214-669-9900
fax: +1-214-680-1059
Power Products
Power Products
S-164 81 Kista-Stockholm, Sweden
tel: +46-8721-6356
fax: +46-8721-7001 General Micro electronics Electronics
Microelectronics is part of Components in the Ericsson groupwith headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.Microelectronics is responsible for development, production and marketingof microcircuits and optoelectronicsfor the telecommunications industry on a world wide basis.

(Now called Atmel ES2, see
European Silicon Solutions
tel: +33-42-33-4000
They seem to make ASIC's

ESS Technology
Fremont, CA
They make audio chips for motherboards (like Asus and Chaintech) and sound cards (like TerraTec).

Eteq Microsystems Inc.
Chip sets

Etron Technology, Inc.
They produce fast SRAM for graphics cards and microprocessor cache memory, e.g. EM51256C-12J.


Eureka Microelectronics
Eureka Microelectronics in Chinese in Chinese in Chinese in Chinese in Chinese
They seem to make memories, telecom ICs, ISDN chipsets, video-conference ICsand scanner ICs.

Eureka Technologies
Eureka Technologies Brief presentation
Do they offer synthesisable PCI Cores?

EUROM Flash Ware Solutions Inc
4655 Old Ironsides Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
tel: +1-408-748-9995
fax: +1-408-748-8408
EUROM Flashware Solutions Ltd.
Atidim Ind. Park Bldg. 1
ISR 61580 Tel Aviv
tel: +972-3-490-920
fax: +972-3-490-922
Makers of the:
EF-8192K8 Flash Memory, 16Mb, 16-Bit

Europractice IC Manufacturing Service (ICMS)
EUROPRACTICE is an initiative of DGIII of the European Commission which aims tostimulate wider exploitation of state-of-the-art technologies by European Industry.
This action officially started 1st October 1995.
The IC Manufacturing Service, ICMS coordinated byIMEC is the EUROPRACTICE service for low costIC prototyping, volume and testing.
They seem to offer ASIC design services.

Eurosil Electronic Ltd.
77 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsiu
HK Kowloon, Hongkong
tel: +83-722-1306
fax: +83-721-4843
E6220 EEPROM, 64b, 1-Bit, Serial Interface, Low Voltage

Eurosoft Ltd.
UK ^ 20020414: gone?
They make BIOS's.


Ever Success
Does it still exist?
It made the Hedaka 286 chipset it seems...

(Subsidiaries: Startech, Micropower Systems and Silicon Microstructures)
EXAR Corporation
48720 Kato Road
Fremont, CA 94538
tel: +1-510-668-7000
fax: +1-510-668-7001 General Data sheets, gone again? try this and this and this Otherwise search from here... Startech (bought by Exar) SMI (bought by Exar)
Mixed Signal IC supplier specializing in Telecom, Datacom, ICs for Documentimaging and Digital imaging and Silicon IC pressure sensors

(Owned by Rohm now)
Exel Microelectronics Inc.
2150 Commerce Drive
San Jose, California 95131
tel: +1-408-942-0500

Exponential Technologies
Exponential Technology Inc.
Founded in 199306
They make microprocessors

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