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(This was a business unit of ITT Industries Incorporatedbut was bought by M/A-COM, Inc. 20000307)
"The acquisition of GaAsTEK is an important step forward forM/A-COM because it enhances our capabilities in several areas,?said M/A-COM President Rick Hess. ?In addition to providing thecapacity of a third gallium arsenide (GaAs) fabrication facility,M/A-COM is strengthening its product capabilities and marketposition in both the wireless and aerospace and defense markets.?
GaAsTEK has been at the forefront of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs)Integrated Circuit (IC) technology since the early 1980?s.GaAsTEK?s patented and unique GaAs MMIC process, calledMultifunction Self-Aligned Gate (MSAG?) provides excellentpower amplifier performance and allows the integration of multiplecircuit functions (e.g., power, low-noise, switch, and digital)onto a single MMIC.

Galaxy Power

Galileo Technology
tel: +1-888-galtek-1 General Data sheets
Switched Ethernet Controllers, PCI System Controller, Remote Acess Controllers

Bought by Cupress Semi in 2001.
They used to make memory chips, especially SRAM.

Gatefield 20020414: gone?

GHz Circuit Design Inc.
21 Storey Avenue
Newburyport, MA 01950
tel: +978-462-9727
fax: +978-462-0452 General About
RF and Mixed signal design. Experience in Bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS, and GaAs.

(Bought by Harris, USA Based, don't confuse with GEC (next))
General Electric

For the semiconductor department see GPSI it's now part of Mitel.
The company itself was renamed Marconi around 199911. new old (same)

General Instruments
(Their Power Semiconductor Division was split off as General Semiconductor.See the next entry in this listing. Broadband products seem to be part of Motorola now and other IC's went to Microchip.)

General Semiconductor
(The split-off Power Semiconductor Division of General Instruments.See
Design, manufacture and sale of low-to-medium power rectifiersand transient voltage suppressors in axial,bridge, surface mount and array packages.These products are used throughout the electricaland electronics industries to condition currentand voltage and to protect electrical circuits from power surges.
199707: GS is the semiconductor business of the former General InstrumentsCorporation. Following there-structuring of General Instruments, GS will shortly be an independentcompany whichexclusively manufactures discrete semiconductor components and already hasproductionfacilities in the USA, Taiwan, China and Ireland. The company's headquartersare located inMelville, near New York. Worldwide sales in 1996 were approximately DM 600million.
Ron Ostertag, the designated Chairman of GS: This integration is strategicallyimportant to us.We have bought technology and know-how which strategically round off ourbusiness and giveus worldwide marketing and distribution capabilities. In addition, we shall berepresented in 45 %of the 13 billion dollar market compared with only 15 % at present.

General Software
General Software, Inc.
They make BIOS's

See GM

Gennum Corporation
Box 489, Station A
970 Fraser Drive
Burlington, Ontario L7R 3Y3
tel: +1-905-632-2996
fax: +1-905-632-2055

GHz Circuit Design
(Also called GCD, don't confuse with the next entry)
GHz Circuit Design, Inc
253 Low Street Suite 222
Newburyport, MA 01950
tel: +978-462-9727
fax: +978-462-0452
RF and Mixed Signal IC Design, RF and Mixed Signal IP Cores

GHz Technology
(Also called GTC, don't confuse with the previous entry)
GHz Technology, Inc.
3000 Oakmead Village Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95051-0808
tel: +1-408-986-8031
fax: +1-408-986-8120 General Products
GHz Technology wants to become the premier worldwide supplierof Silicon RF and Microwave Power Transistorsfor use in Applications Specific Products.

(The IC division has been split off as Arizona Microchip Technology, see Microchip.)
General Instrument General General (old, gone?)
Power rectifiers and transient protection devices
General Instrument Corporation is the world leader in analog and digital systems thatprovide video, audio and high-speed Internet/data services over cable and satellite TVnetworks.
GI's cable and satellite TV operations have approximately 7,000 employees andannual sales of approximately $1.8 billion.

(20000321: Bought by Intel) links to the Intel site new mother
Old information:
Manufactured physical layer ICs for SONET applications from 155Mb/s thru 10Gb/s.
GIGA was designing, producing and offering advanced high speedintegrated circuit solutions for the telecommunication, the computer andthe video markets.

GigaBit Logic
Bought by TQS

G-Link Technology

Genesis Microchip Inc.
200 Town Centre Boulevard
Suite 400
Markham, Ontario L3R 8G5
tel: +1-905-470-2742
fax: +1-905-470-2447 Data sheets

See LG (Lucky Goldstar)

Gould AMI

Galaxy Power, Inc.
PO Box 890, 2500 Eisenhower Avenue
Valley Forge, PA 19482-0890
tel: 1-610-6760188
fax: 1-610-6760189
Manufacturer of Intelligent Power Management software and hardware solutions,including the QuickSaver Intelligent Charging Solution (ICS17XX)family of battery charge control IC's, design/evaluationservices, battery management and power management algorithms.
GPI offers the most advanced Intelligent Power Management solutions available.GPI was purchased from ICS in 1996, now has sales offices worldwide.GPI offers these solutions to the world marketsof wireless devices, computers, electric vehicles, power tools and portable equipment.

See next entry and Green Power.

(UK Based, don't confuse with GE)
(It's also called GPS sometimes, but that is too similar to GPS)
(Bought by Mitel at 19980213, see:,but the Semicondutor business was sold to Dynex Semiconductor.)
(GPS may later been resold to Infineon see: and laterresold Ford since GPSI was already working in the automotive market for thelast couple of years. This was all before 19990903.)
(20030115: The discrete line of GPSI/Ferranti seems to be owned by Zetex now.)
GEC Plessey Semiconductors Inc.
(General Electric Company)
Cheney Manor, Swindon
GB Wiltshire SN2 2QW
tel: +44-1793-518000
fax: +44-1793-518411
1500 Green Hills Road
Scott's Valley, CA 95067
tel: +1-408-438-2900
fax: +1-408-438-5576 New owner Former parent company About the sale to Mitel About the sale in Norwegian Press release by Mitel about the sale About Infineon buying a part of GPS
Linear, mixed signal and digital, CMOS, bipolar, standardand semi-custom integrated circuits

(Seems to be bought by TI around 2001 to strengthen it's DSP department.)
2185-B Park Blvd.
Palo Alto, California 94306
tel: +1-415-323-2955
fax: +1-415-323-0206 20020414: gone 20020414: gone
DSP chips

Great American Electronics
Great American Electronics


RF Transistors

Green Power
Green Power Semiconductors Spa
Via Ungaretti 10
16157 Genova
tel: +39-10-667-8800
fax: +39-10-667-8812
Manufacturer of power semiconductor devices (SCR's, diodes, IGBT's, FET's), high power assemblies (AC-switches, bridges), assembly components (bar and box clamps, flex bus bars), SCR and IGBT drivers. Test lab (thermo-electrical characterization of power devices and systems, short and long term reliability tests, EMI tests).

(See also the next entry)
(Owned by Square D Company)
General Semiconductor Industries Inc.
2001 West Tenth Place
Tempe, Arizona 85281
tel: +1-602-968-3101

GSI Technology
(See also the previous entry)
GSI Technology
6993 Old US Highway 1
New Hill, NC 27562
tel: +1-919-363-7188

GTE Corp. Communication Systems Div.
tel: +1-888-483-2472
fax: +1-508-880-1623
Telecommunications, information and intelligence system electronic defensesystems.

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